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Frequently Asked Questions


What is this?

Kick Start Logistics is a 3PL (third party logistics company) located in Shenzhen, China. We store and ship inventory for e-commerce companies and help them ship globally, faster and at a lower cost.


How long does shipping take take?

Kick Start Logistics offers a variety of different shipping speeds from economy to express.  Each shipping speed and destination country may have a different shipping time. Contact us for more information about shipping speeds.


Can you support shipments to Amazon FBA warehouses?

Yes! We can ship large and small freight air shipments to any Amazon FBA warehouse.


Do you offer Shopify store integration?  

Yes! We can connect to your store through Shopify's API.  Our API connection will allow us to fulfill your orders automatically, and update the tracking number, fulfillment status, and inventory directly into your Shopify store.


How do we ship our products to your warehouse? 

If you're working with a manufacturer in China, we can arrange shipping to our address in Shenzhen, China or we can connect with your factory to instruct them where to ship your products.


Alright, I'm in. How do I get started?

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